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4. May 2022
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10. August 2022
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WITA® Trap Therm

Kvs-value 3.42 m3/h
Material brass, nylon
Connection thread G ¾”
Maximum system pressure 1 MPa / 10 bars
Operating temperature 0 °C – 120 °C
Degree of filtration >400 μm
Pumped medium heating water according to VDI 2035
Magnet strength 1 T; 10 000 G

The thermal sludge and magnetite separator WITA Trap Therm filters all magnetic and non-magnetic impurities
from the heating circuit and thus extends the service life of the boiler. The impurities are collected in a robust filter
body with a two-layer filtering mesh made of stainless steel, which can then be easily cleaned. It has a venting
function and can be easily installed and maintained.

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