WITA-Wilhelm Taake GmbH & WITA sp. z o. o.

WITA® has been designing and producing the highest quality of water circulation pumps as well as energy-saving central heating circulation pumps. We specialize in the production of devices in the field of pumping technology. The strategic location in Europe, thanks to two locations of the company in Germany and Poland, let us target wider group of clients.

Through uncompromising standards for high quality, combined with the numerous applications of our pumps, we are able to offer our customers the optimal solution for almost every application. Our high-performance pumps are used in heating, drinking water and solar technology. WITA R&D department is continuously working on new, innovative solutions to be able to make life even easier for customers and households in the future.

Sustainable development and natural environment protection.

The nowadays industrial global trend is sustainable development and product solutions that can ensure economic growth along with the respect and protection of the natural environment.
WITA water pumps and philosophy meet climate protection goals and responsibility. Thanks to energy-saving central heating circulation pumps and ADELINO industrial and garden pumps, we are supporting the efficient use of natural resources.
We believe that continuous R&D and innovation is the only way to create the sustainable value for our products and to provide a better service to our customers - both in industry and individual households.
The WITA company also supports social campaigns organized as part of environmental protection initiatives.

On the occasion of the First Day of Spring, for the company's 62nd anniversary, which is passing this year, we were happy to get involved in forest planting campaigns in Poland, symbolically funding 62 trees. But this is definitely just the beginning! Follow WITA's contribution to sustainable development!