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WITA® fixed-setpoint controller


The actuator is a temperature controller for heating or cooling systems. Its purpose is to
maintain a constant setpoint temperature at the return in heating or cooling systems, to regulate
room heating. The drive is fitted with a special mounting flange. By pressing the mounting/
dismounting button the controller can be easily mounted or removed on the mixing valve or
other valve without using any extra tools. With pre-assembled connection cables, such as the
power mains and temperature sensor with cable, the SM WR FR actuator is immediately ready
for operation. The control unit of the actuator is designed to be resistant to blocking for a long
time. The actuator is equipped with a color display, indicating the unit’s basic operating
temperature. The orientation of the display continuously adapts to the mounting position of
the controller. There are 4 control buttons under the manual movement button for configuring the
fixed setpoint temperature controller. When the manual mode clutch is activated, the motor of the
temperature controller switches off for energy saving reasons. The setup of the temperature
controller is carried out with the start-up assistant. After selecting the parameters, such as:
• type of application (heating or cooling)
• hydraulic placement (control of supply or return side) you can configure the operating
parameters of the controller.

Product advantages of the fixed setpoint controller:
• Easy assembly and configuration
• Temperature range
• Selectable temperature range
• Selection of hydraulic systems is 0 – 50 oC
• Selection and configuration of rotation direction
• Digital display of temperatures
• Setting of heating or cooling mode
• Signaling of the rotation direction
• Signaling in case of broken sensor
• PID control of mixing valves and other valves
• Protection against frost and overheating
• Blockage resistant


SM WR 05 FR                                       SM WR 10 FR                        SM WR 20 FR


5 Nm                                                            10 Nm                                          20 Nm

Rotation angle:

90°                                                                90°                                                90°
Rotation Speed: 2 min / 90°                                               2 min / 90°                                   2 min / 90°
Operating mode:

Circulation pump control

Control output

3-Point, PDI                                             3-Point, PDI                                 3-Point, PDI

–                                                                     –                                          2-Point (ON/OFF)

–                                                                     –                                          solid stay relay, 1 (1)A-,250V

Supply voltage: 230 VAC, 50Hz                                        230 VAC, 50Hz                           230 VAC, 50Hz
Power consumption: max. 5 W                                                   max. 5 W                                      max. 5 W
Power consumption during standby: max. 0,5 W                                               max. 0,5 W                                   max. 0,5 W
Ambient temperature: 0–50 °C                                                    0–50 °C                                         0–50 °C
Protection: according to EN 60730-1                     according to EN 60730-1           according to EN 60730-1
Protection class: IP 42 acc. EN60529                               IP 42 acc. EN60529                    IP 42 acc. EN60529
Dimensions (w x l x h): 95 x 80 x 92 mm                                    95 x 80 x 92 mm                          95 x 95 x 92 mm
Weight: ca. 900 g                                                   ca. 900 g                                       ca. 1000 g
Colour / material: grey / polycarbonate                             grey / polycarbonate                   grey / polycarbonate