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WITA® Trap MS sludge and magnet separator


The WITA® Trap MS sludge and magnet separator is made of brass, and helps to achieve a reliable operation and protection of your circulation/high efficiency pumps and valve. It is used to remove sludge, impurities and magnetic particles from heating, cooling and solar systems. Ferrous impurities (magnetite) as well as non-magnetic impurities and sludge from the heating water (according to VDI 2035), which occur in both, old and new systems, are filtered out. The collected impurities can be pressed out, quickly and powerfully, by simply removing the magnetic clip (can be done even while the system is running) then opening the drain valve.

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  • Efficiency removal of impolution particles (> 5 μm)
  • Protects the pump and other sensitive compopnents in the sytem
  • Simply, quick and safe emptying of the slurry separator during operation
  • Protects the heating system from slurry sediments and wear and thus before malfunctions or even standstill
  • Protects pumps and fittings
  • Suitable for heating, cooling and solar systems
Material: Brass

Nominal diameter:

DN 25

Connection thread:

Rp 1″

Max. Operating pressure:

1MPa / 10 bar

Operating temperature:


Particle size:

>5 μm

Pumped medium:

heating water according to VDI 2035

Insulation included:

Magnet strenght: 250 mT; 2 500 G