Sewage Pump WVSD55F
4. May 2022
Sewage Pump WVSD110F
4. May 2022
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Sewage Pump WVSD75F

Product Specials

  • Durability and stability due to stainless steel casing and stainless steel screws
  • Good performance: The open impeller type contributes to a better flowability of the wastewater
  • Reliable sealing: With double mechanical seal on both sides of the stainless steal shaft, more reliable sealing performance is achieved.
Maximum head 12 m
Maximum flow rate 21 m³/h
Power consumption 0.75  kW
Supply voltage 1 x 230V, 50Hz
Protection class IP x 8
Media temperature 40 °C
Maximum depth 0.5-5m
Pressure port connection G 2″
Insulation Class B
Pump casing materials cast iron
Net weight 18.0 kg
Gross weight 19.0
Cable  H05RN-F3 × 1,5-5 m inkl. Schuko-Plug
H05RN-F3 × 1,5-0,6 m (Float switch)