28. August 2018

WITA® Servomotors

The servomotors WITA are used to drive rotary mixers. Their modern construction and top quality of the materials used ensure reliable and silent operation. Assembly and […]
13. June 2018

Stiftung Warentest rates WITA® with a quality rating of GOOD 1.8 / 2.4!

The Stiftung Warentest has placed in their test 5/2018 economical circulation pumps to the test. In the test, 14 circulation pumps had to show how well […]
21. April 2018

WITA® circulation pumps (Made in Germany) Suitable for heating und solar

The pump housings of the WITA® heating circulation pumps are equipped with a standard cataphoresis coating, which is intended to prevent oxygen deposits and thus corrosion. […]
23. March 2018

Thank you for visiting our booths SHK Essen | MCE Mostra Expocomfort Milano

At our booths we had the opportunity to present our products and innovations and to celebrate the premiere of our new high-efficiency circulation pump. Our team can […]
26. February 2018

Come over! Our trade fair dates in March.

The inventor Thomas Alva Edison once said, »If there is a way to make something better: Find it!«.That’s what we did. We are happy to present […]