WITA® actuator with ball valve
4. November 2021
WITA® Shut-Off Ball Valve with Union Nut
20. January 2022
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WITA® Actuator with ball valve

The SM W KV actuators with ball valves are used in heating, solar and cooling systems, in which only the end position of the actuator is used. The actuator and the valve are designed for an operating range of 90°, so they are mainly used for switching between different energy consumers and generators (3-way) or as a shut-off element (2-way). Sets with valves DN 15 – DN 25 are available.


Technical Data of Actuator

  • Built-in permanent „click“ release for manual adjustment
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Display of the direction of rotation and the valve position
  • Suitable for use in heating as well as hot water systems

Technical Data of Ball Valve 2W

  • The ball valve driven by the actuator is used for shutting-off liquids,
    such as in domestic hot water, cooling, or heating systems,
    as well as in industry and agriculture.
  • ON/OFF zone regulation of systems

Technical Data of Actuator with Ball Valve 3W

  • 3-way switching to different energy sources
  • Switching takes place a.o. from solid fuel boiler or storage
    tank to oil or gas boiler
  • Domestic hot water heating by switching between heat
    pump, oil or solid fuel boiler and solar system