Solar station – single strand
1. March 2024
Hydrualic switch DN 25/ DN 32 – vertical
1. March 2024
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Hydrualic switch DN 25 – horizontal

The horizontal hydraulic separator with insulation is installed upstream of the heating circuit manifold on the generator side. It hydraulically separates the primary from the secondary circuit and thus makes it possible to create different volume flows on the consumer/generator side. This enables the pumps to operate independently of each other in the optimum efficiency range. As a result the temperature control of the consumer circuits is relieved because of less strong fluctuating pressures in both chambers of the manifold.

Distributor side



Heat generator

Possible hydrualic behaviour

DN 25 – horizontal
Nominal diameter DN 25
Connection dimensions heating circuit manifold side
– connection pipe flat sealing 1 ½“ G
heat generator side – connection
pipe flat sealing with union nut
1 ½“ Rp
Center distance heating
flow and return flow
125 mm
Dimensions (H x W x L) 190 mm x 160 mm x 190 mm
Materials steel powder coated
in RAL 7024, brass union nuts
Field of application up to 100 °C, recommended
Kvs 2.7- max. 5.2 m³/h,
60 – 120 kW (delta T=20K)
Operating pressure max. 6 bar