29. марта 2012
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WITA® actuators are distinguished by a compact design, durability and versatility. The product is equipped with a reversible synchronous motor and a maintenance-free gear. Depending on the actuator type, the device is electrically connected via a lead or a terminal pre-assembled in the casing. The actuators are applied particularly in heating and air conditioningsystems, and can be used with 3-point controllers or switching contacts. Moreover, the product is available for DN15 to DN100 mixing valves.

SM 44 actuators are equipped with a quill drive shaft, as well as EASY-Clip function, and are available in two versions, with a torque of 6 Nm or 10 Nm. SM 44.6 (6 Nm) is equipped with plastic non-blocking toothed wheels (240 h) designed for DN15 to DN32 mixing valves. SM 44.10 (10 Nm) version is equipped with metal non-blocking toothed wheels designed for DN40 to DN50 mixing valves. You can achieve the best fit by using the actuator with Minimix-E valves, which are the only valves equipped with the full set of EASY-Clip components.
As a matter of fact any WITA® mixing valve, or mixing valve of another manufacturer, can be equipped with EASY-Clip components, so that you can fully profit from it.Actuator components include cams adjustable by 15°(range:15°-345°) and manual adjustment at the front (can be locked). The angle of rotation is factory set to 90°. Optionally, SM 44 model can be delivered with apreassembled potential free limit switch.C series actuators can be used with controllers with solid state outputs.
Dimensions are the same for all versions, therefore you canuse SM 4 adapters.
Operating voltag 230 V AC, 50 Hz   oder   24 V AC, 50 Hz +- 10% (Din IEC 600038)
Torque 6 Nm / 10 Nm
Angle of rotation 90° Factory setting

can be adjusted from 15° to 345

Running time 150 sec. /90°
Protection class II
Protection type IP 40
Ambient temperature 0 °C — 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C — 60 °C
Equipment Non-blocking toothed wheels
2 m power supply cable
WITA® Minimix E mixing valve with EASY-Clip function.
No tools needed for mounting
Aapters allow you to easily mount various components
Scale plate on the handle indicates the mixing valve position.
Easy manual adjustment
Optionally, can be delivered with a pre-assembled potential free limit switch
Can be combined with conventional heating controllers
 SM 44.6 (6 Nm)

SM 44.10 (10 Nm)

Can be used with a 3-point controller for systems
with motor-driven mixing valves.
SM 44.6C (6 Nm)

SM 44.10C (10 Nm)

Can be used with a 3-point controller (with a solid state output) for systems with motor-driven mixing valves.