Maximix 3- and 4-way mixing valves
1. апреля 2012
WITA® U 75
1. июля 2013
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WITA® actuators are distinguished by a compact design, durability and versatility. The product is equipped with a reversible synchronous motor and a maintenance-free gear. Depending on the actuator type, the device is electrically connected via a lead or a terminal pre-assembled in the casing. The actuators are applied particularly in heating and air conditioningsystems, and can be used with 3-point controllers or switching contacts. Moreover, the product is available for DN15 to DN100 mixing valves.

The set point controller SM 44 FR H can keep a predefined temperature value in the flow of a heating system constant by controlling a 3- or 4-way mixing valve via the integrated servomotor. The controller / servomotor combination can be combined with WITA® 3- or 4-way mixing valves as well as valves of other manufacturers through appropriate adapters. The operating direction of the servomotor (rotation right or left ) as well as the activation of the flow temperature limiter can be adjusted by an internal DIP switch. Two light-emitting diodes in the front of the panel of the controller inform about the current pending mixer module signal (OPEN or CLOSE ). Sensor errors and an existing temperature limitation are also displayed by the light-emitting diodes. The set point controller is available with a torque of 6 Nm or 10 Nm.

operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
torque 6 Nm / 10 Nm
angle of rotation 90 ° Factory setting
running time 60sec. / 150sec. bei 90°
IP protection class II
protection type IP 40
ambient temperature 0 °C bis 50 °C
storage temperature -20 °C bis 60 °C
Adjustable flow temp. 20 — 80°C
Equipment Anti-blocking wheel set
NTC 1,8 K / PVC (2 m supply line)
Adaption EASY Clip, Mounting without tools
Easy installation on different mixer brands

Adapters allow you to easily mount various

cale plate on the handle indicates the mixing
valve position
easy operating in safe mode
Can be combined with standard heating controllers