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WITA® Servomotors con válvula de bola

The SM WR FR is a constant or setpopint temperature controller for heating or cooling systems. Its area of application is the return high maintenance, the regulation of surface heating or where constant temperatures are needed. It is equipped with a colour display, which is setting the base temperatures during operation. The indication of the display always adapts the installation position of the fixed-value controller. Under the knob for manual operation there are 4 control buttons for adjustment of the constant or fixed temperature controller. When activating the switch for manual operation, the drive of the temperature controller is “OFF” because of energy saving reasons. The drive is equipped with a special assembly flange. By pressing the assembly / disassembly button is a simple tool-free assembly / disassembly of the fixed-value controller on the mixer or venture is possible. The SM W FR is immediately ready for use because the connection cable such as the mains and temperature sensor are pre-installed. The controller begins to run with a startup assistant.

After selecting the parameters

  • Application (heating or cooling)
  • Hydraulic system (return or flow control)
  • opening direction (leading left or right)
    the operating parameters can be set.
    The control is designed to withstand prolonged
    blockage without damage.