What is actually a night economy function?

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24. August 2017
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11. October 2017

The lowering of the temperature is achieved by heating is continued at a lower temperature level. In public or large office buildings can be reduced to lower temperatures and in residential buildings.

The subject of night reduction has become increasingly important in terms of energy saving and building optimization. The actual energy savings are essentially dependent on the possible periods of use.

Press the »Night Mode« button to activate the night economy function. If the illuminated panel to the side lights up, the night economy function is activated and the pump switches automatically between normal operation and night economy. The changeover depends on the flow temperature.

The pump switches automatically to night economy if the flow temperature drops by more than 10° – 15 °C within 1 hour. “- C” appears in the display.

The changeover to normal operation takes place without delay as soon as the flow temperature has increased again by 3°C.