WITA® UNI-Compact Return temperature increase
31. August 2011
WITA-Bloc T60 R
31. August 2011
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WITA®UNI-Compact Heating circuit group


The WITA UNI-Compact fitting is a heating fitting made of grey cast iron. It can be used to control either the flow or return flow temperature. Its intelligent design allows it to be used with almost all threaded heating circulation pumps on the market with lengths of 130 mm to 180 mm. A mainten ance-free brass mixing head, sealed with two O-rings and virtually 100 % airtight, allows flows
from all directions. The fitting can be automated using the SM 4 and SM 44 series of WITA servomotors or other models with the appropriate assembly kit. Centre distances of 120-125 mm are avail-able upon request, as are left or right flow and return flow directions and 1 ½” or
2″ connection threads.

  • 3-way mixing valve with elastic insert
    (insert and cover made from brass, sealed with double O-ring)
  • Parallel connections with 1 ½” or 2″ thread
  • Incl. EPP insulation
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Max. supply temperature 110° C
Medium Water (Max. percentage of glycol: 50%)
Nominal diameter DN 25 | DN 32
Mixing valve [Kvs] 7 m³/h | 12 m³/h
Center to center distance 120 mm | 125 mm
Connection 1 1/2″ M | 2″ M
Suitable accessories • Energy-efficient WITA circulating pump motor Delta HE
• Servomotor SM 4, SM 44
• Fixed setpoint controller SM 4.10 FR-H
• Manifold basic module VM 120 / 125
• Manifold extension module VM 120 / 125