WITA® Mixing and pumping unit WMB
1. January 2011
WITA® UNI-Compact Return temperature increase
31. August 2011
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WITA® Solar station


The WiTa solar station is designed as a twocircuitsystem. The solar station includes all fittings and equipment required for trouble-free
operation in solar heating systems, such as one or two gravity brakes,safety devices and complete insulation. Thanks to shut-off valves in front of and behind the pump, the unit can be replaced without having to drain the system.

  • Two 4-way ball valves with manual gravity brake in flow and return, two thermometers
  • integrated in the ball valve (display range 0 ° C – 120 ° C)
  • Safety group with safety valve, manometer and
  • Connection possibility for an expansion tank
  • Ventilation unit with manual bleeder
  • Rinsing, filling and emptying device with integrated
  • Flow rate limiter and
  • Volume flow display
  • Incl. EPP insulation


Max. operating pressure 6 bar
Max. supply temperature max. 110°C, 130°C possible
for short periods
Medium Water (Max. percentage of glycol: 50%)
Nominal diameter DN 25
Center to center distance 120 mm
Connections 1 x 3/4″ internal thread, 3 x 1″ internal thread
¾” external thread for expansion vessel
Seal EPDM / PTFE Special Compound