WITA® Solar station
31. August 2011
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WITA® Mixing and pumping unit WMB


This 3-way mixing and pumping unit has been designed
for small and medium central heating systems,
and can be operated manually or set automatically.
Additionally, together with an SM4 actuator they
form a compact unit. Profiled outlet holes influence
the linear characteristic of a temperature. The shaft
is sealed with a double EPDM O-ring. Because of the
outlet mixing valve with a thread flange,
commercially available pumps with a length of 130
mm and a connection thread of 1 ½” can be mounted
in this unit. Baulänge von 130 mm und einem Anschlussgewinde von 1 ½” montiert werden.

  • 1 x 3-way mixing valve with a bypass
  • 1 x spacer with a return circuit connection
  • 1 x pipe union set
  • 2 x ball valve with a thermometer 0 – 120°C
  • 2 x nut with a 1″ Ms insert
  • 2 x seal
  • Incl. EPP insulation


Max. operating pressure 6 bar
Max. supply temperature 110° C
Medium Water (Max. percentage of glycol: 50%)
Nominal diameter DN 25
Center to center distance 120 mm | 125 mm
Seal EPDM / PTFE Special Compound
Suitable accessories Servomotor SM 4, SM 44
Fixed setpoint controller SM 4.10 FR-H
Manifold basic module VM 120 / 125
Manifold extension module VM 120 / 125