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23. February 2021
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20. January 2022
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WITA® set point control set


Set point control set
The compactset point control set for underfloor heating with
WITA go.future 2 high-efficiency pump can be used for the quick
and easy expansion of a existing heating system. Theset point
control set will be used in heating systems whose heat dissipation
on the one hand by the consumer with a high flow temperature
(e.g. radiators) and on the other hand through low-temperature
heating surfaces (underfloor heating or wall heating) takes place.
The desired temperature is controlled via the Strap-on thermometer
(0-95 ° C). The small dimensions and the flat design allow the
direct and easy installation of the control station between the flow
and return of the heating system in the heating circuit distribution

  • WITA go.future 2 circulation pump
  • thermostatic mixing valve
  • Thermometer 0 – 95 °C
Kvs-value 3 – 3,2
Maximum static pressure 10 bar
Maximum differential pressure 3 bar
Temperature range valve 20 – 43 °C
Maximum temperature 95 °C
Temperature control accuracy ± 2.5°C
Flow rate 0.25 0.4m/s
Full flow 1200 l/h
Center distance of the distributor 210 mm
max working pressure 0.8 MPa
noise *45 db (Decibel)
Degree of protection IP 44
Material brass
Overall dimensions (L, B, H) 311mm x 189mm x 133mm