Well Pump 4SAm2/16-0.75
4. May 2022
Well Pump 4SAm2/28-1.5
4. May 2022
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Well Pump 4SAm2/25-1.5

Product Specials

  • Optimised new design and improved efficiency
  • Wide product range from 2 m³/h to 16 m³/h for different application requirements
  • Mechanical seal ensures pump reliability
  • New anti-sand structure of the motor for high sand resistance and long service life
  • The value is characterised by a stainless steel pump housing, as well as by the brass connection threads.
  • External thermal protection against overload of the motor
  • Automatic pressure regulation mechanism to balance the pressure inside and outside the motor and outside the motor and increase the diving depth.
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Maximum head 184 m
Rated current (A) 10,5
Maximum flow rate 3,3 m³/h
Power consumption 1,5 kW
Supply voltage 1 x 230V, 50 Hz
Protection class IPX8
Media temperature 40°C
Maximum depth 70 m
Pressure port connection G 1 ¼‘‘
Insulation class B
Pump casing material stainless steel
Net weight 21,8 kg
Gross weight 24,8 kg
Cable RVVB4 × 2-25 m
RVVB3 × 2-1 m (Control-Box)