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16. February 2021
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22. February 2021
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Thermostatic mixing valve

The brass made thermostatic rmal valves
are preferred for underfloor heating systems,
e.g. to prepare the floor structure in heating systems
protect against high temperatures.
The temperature of the mixed water is determined by an
expansion valve regulated by a driven valve. For
drinking water installations, the thermostatic valve can be
used as a scald protection.
The thermostatc valves can be supplied with male thread,
union nut and pump flange.

Kvs-value 2,0
Adjustable 20-50°C / 37-60°C
Max. Operating pressure 10 bar
Max. Temperature 100 °C
Differential pressure 3 bar ( 0,3 MPa )
Control accuracy +/- 2°C at 2l/min
Material brass