31. March 2012
Minimix 4-way mixing valves
31. March 2012
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Minimix 3-way mixing valves

WITA® Minimix, Maximix and type “H” mixing valves are manufactured from brass. The valves are sealed with two O-rings, and can be easily connected to SM4/SM44 actuators. Type “H” mixing valves are equipped with a bypass and therefore can be used in low-temperature heating systems. The product also has a flange, which allows you to mount the valve directly on a pump.


Compact Minimix 3-way and 4-way mixing valves are designed for small and medium central heating systems, whereas Maximix valves are intended for medium and big systems. Valves can be operated manually or set automatically. Together with SM 4.6 actuator (or SM 4.10
actuator) they form a compact unit. Body, bonnet, shaft and cone are made of brass. The linear characteristic of a temperature is obtained using profiled outled holes. Two EPDM O- rings seal the shaft. The 4-way mixing valve can be mounted on any side.
When mounting a valve with a distributor, you can adjust it by 45°. The boiler supply is factory set on the left.
3-way mixing valves are intended for straight-through flow paths. Return connection can be placed either on the right or the left side and is factory set on the left.

Technical Data
Body Ms 58 brass
Seal two O-rings
Torque 0.3 Nm
Adjustment range 90°
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Max. operating temperature 110°C
Mixing valve type Connection thread Nominal diameter L1xL2xL3 Kvs
3-way  ½” ½” F DN 15 45x90x75 4 m³/h
3-way ¾” ¾” F DN 20 45x90x75 7 m³/h
3-way 1” 1” F DN 20 45x90x75 7 m³/h
3-way 1” 1” M x1 ½” F DN 25 45x90x75 10 m³/h
3-way 1 ¼” 1 ¼” F DN 32 45x90x75 15 m³/h
3-way 1 ½” 1 ½ ” M DN32 45x90x75 15 m³/h