WITA® U 55
1. September 2013
WITA® Delta Aqua UE 55A
1. November 2013
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WITA® U 35


The WITA® standard pumps of series U are wet-rotor circulating pumps with a screw connection. A three-stage rotary switch is installed to select the speed stage for power adjustment to the respective system. This pump series is available in various lengths and power stages.

* available only outside the EU

Max. pump lift4,0 m
Max. flow rate3.000 l/h
Power consumption28 – 63 W
 Power consumption 1 x 230V, 50 Hz
 Ip rating IP 42
Ambient temperature0 °C to +40 °C
Media temperature+5 °C to +110 °C
Temperature classTF 110 as per CEN 335-2-51
Max. system pressure10 bar
Connection sizeDN 15, DN 20, DN 25, DN 32
Installation lengths110 mm, 130 mm, 180 mm
Pump housing material130 mm, 180 mm variant in grey cast iron, cataphoresis coated;110 mm in brass
Weight incl. insulation2,5 kg