22. January 2018

We can do more than just pumps!

the WITA® 3-way combination group WMB is suitable for small and medium hot water central heating systems. It can be used for manual and motor control. Provided […]
19. November 2017

Key lock on a circulating pump? WITA® pump technology “Made in Germany”

A key lock or keypad lock protects electrical devices from accidental input via the keyboard or touchscreen. Especially with mobile phones, the key lock has prevailed, […]
26. October 2017

Circulating pump WITA® Delta HE 35 | 55 – One for all!

The WITA high-efficiency circulating pumps are characterized by a high quality “Made in Germany”. By using high-grade materials, our products are designed for a long service life. […]
11. October 2017

There it is – the new WITA® catalog for 2017/2018!

As always, it is a very special moment for us to present our current catalog. And finally, the time has come, the new catalog is now […]
22. September 2017

What is actually a night economy function?

The lowering of the temperature is achieved by heating is continued at a lower temperature level. In public or large office buildings can be reduced to […]